Guangzhou Toshiba Baiyun Electrical equipment limited company by the Guangzhou Baiyun Electrical Equipment Limited by Share Ltd and Japan Toshiba, Toshiba (China) Co., Ltd. in February 26, 2002 to set up a joint venture. The company mainly develop, design Design and production of insulated metal enclosed switchgear type VK vacuum circuit breaker, GFC gas (C-GIS), armoured VEZ type AC metal closed switch equipment, type GFX-12 gas insulated switchgear, Toshiba GR and BYE series integrated relay protection device, EMI intelligent power instrument, GSC1000 digital substation automation system and other products, its technology reached the world advanced level, the domestic leading position. Toshiba group based in Tokyo, was founded in 1875 July, is a company with 139 years of history Toshiba multinational group, has more than 800 companies at home and abroad, has more than 200000 employees in various industries in the world, and with strong strength to become the world's top 500 ranked in the top 44 of the world famous enterprises. Guangzhou Baiyun Electrical Equipment Limited by Share Ltd, founded in 1989, the registered capital of 210730000 yuan, is China manufacturing industry 500, Chinese high-voltage products industry ranked the top 10, top 100 private enterprises in Guangdong province. Guangzhou Toshiba Baiyun Electric Appliance Equipment Co Ltd effectively achieve powerful alliances, to Toshiba most advanced technology as the foundation, at the same time, the introduction of management method Toshiba, from production to quality management are strictly, to ensure the performance of the first A, high-quality products to meet customer demand. In the "rapid access to market information, rational and effective allocation of resources, good faith compliance to meet customer demand" attitude and pragmatic spirit, every employee in the daily work of the practice of "Jiena effort, respect to keep promise" the eight character principle.
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The vacuum interrupter

TOSHIBA,The output of the world first, electrode technique using longitudinal magnetic field structure Toshiba development. Toshiba patent technology, very high reliability, contact and longitudinal magnetic field electrode consumption is very small

The domestic well-known brand

Operating mechanism

TOSHIBA The integration of independent brand overall operating unit。 Toshiba advanced technology localization, absorbing the advantages of similar products home and abroad development。




——Guangzhou Toshiba Baiyun Electrical equipment limited company by the Toshiba Co of Japan imported advanced technologies including the technique of vacuum circuit breaker and the world first-class level, development, design, various types of electrical equipment including vacuum circuit breaker in the development, production and service。Its products:


Our 2014 annual business plan the
We successfully hosted the 2013 annual ...
Division I in 2013 to mid career planning
Our 2013 annual audit work carried out
Our 2013 annual business plan the
Our company passed the safety in production
Our staff of Beijing trip ended
Our company passed the occupation health
Our company is joint chemical project 110KV
Our 2012 supplier of the year the
Chinese Metro entered a period of rapid
Legal environment for further optimization
Electric power industry in the "Twelfth
The AIA electric nuclear terminal to enter
The first photo system -- SafetyEYE to
The DC transmission scale ranks first in
China's first international conference
The domestic auto electronics market: new
Toshiba held "energy saving environmental
Not straighten out the instrumentation
Product dynamic
The company in 2014 CSR activities around
The 2014 CSR activities "in an hour"
In 2014 the environmental objectives
2012 annual environmental reports
In 2013 the environmental objectives
Use action to extend hope
In 2012 the environmental management policy
Division I in 2011 to CSR activities
Division I in Toshiba sixth Chinese...
Toshiba debut in 2011 China Green Expo
The VK specification
Vacuum circuit breaker
Armoured AC metal closed switch
(with chassis) type vacuum circuit breaker
Gas insulated metal enclosed switchgear
AC metal box loop networks switch equipment

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